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About Us

The Story of United Erie

United Erie is a full line manufacturer and supplier of air-set/no-bake and cold box sand binders, catalysts, accelerators/activators, core oils, mold/core washes, and surface coatings for the ferrous and non-ferrous metals casting industry.

United Erie’s sand foundry binders and other foundry products are formulated to uncompromising standards of quality and will contribute significantly to the quality of your castings and bottom line profit. United Erie has the facilities, the know-how through 75 years of continuous operations, and the passion to help you produce better castings at reasonable costs by providing an expansive selection of uniformly dependable binders to meet a wide variety of individual foundry needs.


»  Founded in 1928

»  Acquired by Interstate Chemical in 1984

»  Acquired Reichhold Resins in 1985

»  Rail capable

»  Over 1 million gallon on-site storage capacity

»  24-Hour transportation service via Interstate’s own common carrier, Alpont Transportation

»  Multiple stocking locations located across North America

»  ISO 9001:2015

Sand Foundry Molding & Core Products

  • Furan no-bake (air-set) binders and catalysts
  • Phenolic Urethane (air-set) no-bake binder systems and accelerators
  • Phenolic Urethane Cold Box binder systems
  • Ester Cured Alkaline Phenolic no-bake binder systems
  • Gas Cured Alkaline Phenolic binder systems
  • Polyol Urethane non-ferrous (air-set) no-bake binder systems
  • 0% VOC Polyol Urethane non-ferrous (air-set) no-bake binder system
  • Sodium Silicate (air-set) no-bake binder systems and catalysts
  • Sodium Silicate CO2 gassed-activated core/mold binders
  • Alkyd Urethane no-bake (air-set) binder systems
  • Epoxy Acrylic (SO2) Cold Box binder system
  • Core oils oven-cured binder for core production
  • Pattern release agents (aluminum parting/coatings)
  • Top Bond sand surface hardener and sealers
  • Refractory coating carrier to formulate your own core/mold wash
  • IPA 99%/ Isopryl Alcohol for mold/core washes
Artist’s rendering of United Erie, located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Image of United Erie located at 1432 Chestnut Street, Erie, PA  16502